October 2009

I just came across another person who is interested in joining us when we are ready.  That makes 3 outside of the original 4 of us.  Who’d a thunk!  It must be the right time.

One of the members spoke with someone at her church and they acted like no big deal at all to get a space there for our meetings!  She will get more details on Sunday.   When we have a solid commitment I will let the 2 people on the ACA Forums know and at that time I will also invite them here, into the blog.


Oh, Don’t forget, meeting Tuesday evening, the 27th, same place as the last one….

Ok, now the Blog is set up.  I have added a few links to other blogs and websites that have a wealth of information about Alcoholism, Adult Children, Recovery and Addictions in General.

If you have something specific that you would like added to this blog let me know and we can get it added.

When we get a permanent location it will be posted on here and at that time we will be ready to open the doors to anyone wanting to attend our meetings.

This particular group is based on the ACA Program.  You can find information about the Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization at http://www.adultchildren.org.   Many of us have attended other 12 step based programs for years.  This is just a different aspect of the recover process.