June 2010

I think there might be some confusion as to how to find the individual pages for the Laundry List items.  Look at the column on the far right hand side of any page and you will find a section for Pages links.  In that section when you find the ACA Laundry List page, underneath it you will find the links to the pages for each of the items from the laundry list.

Hope this helps.

Just Lexxie, Chatterin’ Again

Just a note to let everyone know that I finally got the Laundry List expanded.  In Tony A’s book The Laundry List, he explains each of the ACoA characteristics.  I have created a page for each characteristic, like I did with the steps, and added Tony’s explanations of the Laundry List.  At the moment they are a bit out of order but I hope to get that fixed pretty soon.  Tony had some interesting things to say about each of these characteristics, I hope you find this information helpful.