This is the place where you can share your adult child of an alcoholic story or share your story of being part of any kind of dysfunctional family.  It is not always JUST alcohol or drugs that causes our grief, guilt, or shame.

Sometimes we need to have someone listen, without judgement, without adding to our shame or our guilt. Sometimes it is better if we don’t know the person we are telling and have the safety of never knowing who they are. Please, share your story…

  • Put your story into the Comment box at the end of the page.  It will be seen only by me, Lexxie, until it is approved for posting.  You can include any notes to me about your story, if you wish.  Just make sure that it is clear they are not part of the story.
  • Include your name (or SOME name) to give it that personal feel.
  • Include an email address.  It will never be revealed.   This is in case I have a question before I post your story.
  • I may edit it for grammar or readability, but I will not change your story…
  • Try to keep it to a manageable length for a blog post.  Yeah, I know, adult children what specific guidelines, but just say what you need to say.
  • If you have become involved with a 12 step program it might be nice to say so, but don’t feel obligated.

That’s all there is to it!

I am really looking forward to hearing your story, because for me, it was sitting around the tables, listening to everyone else telling their story, that I found out my life was not unique.  There are more people than we would ever believe who have lived parts of our lives.  They may be in a different town, or even a different country, but it feels as though they are telling our story.

Just Lexxie, Chatterin’ Again!


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What Took You So Long?

7 Responses to “Share Your Story”

  1. Stephen C. Says:

    I might have a stupid question, but is there any information and tips to the ones living or dating a person who grew up with a dysfunctional family, and attends meeting with A.C.A?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Lexxie Says:

      Hmmm… Really good question, although I have not heard of anything like that. My suggestion would be to start attending ACA or Alanon meetings yourself. At least you would get an understanding of what your partner is hearing and what kind support is offered in a meeting. Thanks, Lexxie

  2. Barbara Shinton Says:

    I spent many years going to A.A. relapsing and feeling terrible about myself. When i found ACA i cried like a baby. Man that felt good. now i can combine both programs and get well.

  3. Lorrie Harding Says:

    Well, where do I begin? From the beginning I suppose. I am presently a forty two year old ACOA; just realizing what exactly that means. My dad was an alcoholic. He stopped drinking about 2 years before he died, which was in 1994. I left home when I was 18 and while he was still actively drinking; so I never knew my dad when he was sober.
    I have always felt different. I am half Native American and half caucasion, so that combined with the fact feeling different or out of place is a common trait in children of alcoholics, left me a very shy, introverted child; and now adult. It is amazing to me, the information and stories I have read on this website. It is like I am reading my own story. So closely do I relate to the common traits of ACOAs that I cry with pain, recognition and even gratitude that I have finally found out what is “wrong with me.”
    I am married to an alcoholic; have been for 22 years. I am scared and feel lost. I have kicked him out for the umpteenth time, and I feel like I am about to come unglued. I am trying to do everything, I am the only one paying the bills, buying the food and taking care of my children. I have four of them. I am so lost. If I could, I would just leave; run away. Help.

  4. Nancy Chaltry Says:

    Could someone please reply to my story.

  5. Lexxie Says:

    Nancy, did you see that I put your story on a separate page and added my response to it?


  6. Nancy Chaltry Says:

    Just wondering if anyone read this. Could use some help.

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