Yesterday, all I got done was posting a copy of the Serenity Prayer, but today I would like to share why it is so important to me. 

When I first got into recovery, I had some pretty big things going on in my life.  My marriage was falling apart and I was falling apart.  In the beginning, it seemed as though the only place I could find where I could actually take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes was when I was sitting in a meeting.  Needless to say, I made it to as many meetings as I could find back then. 

One of the first tools of the program that I grabbed hold of was the Serenity Prayer.  I used it in those moments, hours, days, when I had no clue what else to do or how to go about finding any answers.  I would use it as a mantra, I would chant it, I would reduce it to a 3 word prayer.  Serenity, Courage, Wisdom, Serenity, Courage, Wisdom, Serenity, Courage, Wisdom…..  Until the tears would stop, until I could breathe again, until I could shift gears and let go of the trauma of the day.  The Serenity Prayer was my anchor when it seemed as though there was nothing else that I could hold on to.    It was short enough that I could remember it even when my brain seemed to have slipped all its’ gears and be functioning on autopilot.  Yet, it was meaningful enough to get through to me.  I would know that the storm had passed when I would take that first shuddering breath and could feel my body beginning to relax.  Thank you God!  This too has passed…

Just Lexxie, Chatterin’ Again…


Be good to yourself.  Stay in the now, stop borrowing trouble that hasn’t come knocking on your door.

Change your attitude by sharing your thoughts and feeling in meetings and in between meetings.  Find creative solutions.  Any problem shared is half a problem.

Take a deep breath, Relax!    There is always time to go to the bathroom!  You don’t have to wait for the fight to be over.

Experience the joy of freedom.   Make a decision to feel it now. It is a state of mind!

Stop identifying the ways that you are different and apart from everyone.  Start looking for the ways that you are the same, be inclusive, only then can you feel a part of!

The worst vice is AD-VICE.  If they ask for your opinion or suggestions, only then is it appropriate to share.