I have been working on adding what Tony said in his book, The Laundry List about each of his steps.  You can find this on the pages for each individual step.

The way that I am doing this is putting Tony’s step, then what he said about it and next is the comparable Alanon step and eventually I will put what Alanon says about their step.

Hopefully, by looking at each one individually and then blending the two it will be helpful in figuring out what each of the steps is about and how to work with them.  Leave me a message and let me know if you like the idea or think it is stupid….  lol… not that that will stop me…  but it could start a great discussion…  Later, Lexxie

*If anyone holding a current legitimate copyright, has issues with this or anything else from the book, “The Laundry List” being copied on this blog, please contact me directly and I would be happy to discuss this with you.  I have attempted to find the legitimate copyright holders, however with the anonymity of the 12 Step program I have been unable to locate them.


Be good to yourself.  Stay in the now, stop borrowing trouble that hasn’t come knocking on your door.

Change your attitude by sharing your thoughts and feeling in meetings and in between meetings.  Find creative solutions.  Any problem shared is half a problem.

Take a deep breath, Relax!    There is always time to go to the bathroom!  You don’t have to wait for the fight to be over.

Experience the joy of freedom.   Make a decision to feel it now. It is a state of mind!

Stop identifying the ways that you are different and apart from everyone.  Start looking for the ways that you are the same, be inclusive, only then can you feel a part of!

The worst vice is AD-VICE.  If they ask for your opinion or suggestions, only then is it appropriate to share.