Tony A. Version of Step 6 as found in his book, The Laundry List

We were entirely ready to begin the healing process with the aid of our Higher Power

from page 58-59 of The Laundry List:

“In this step we ready ourselves to turn to a power greater than ourselves.  No matter how hesitant or uncertain we may be about the wisdom of such a move, we should keep in mind that healing can and does take place in our world and it is often propelled by acts of faith and belief.  Here we are being asked to open ourselves to the healing help of a spiritual force.

Part of the process of healing comes from gaining an awareness of how much we suffer when we hold onto our damaging ways of living.  We need to think to terms of preparing ourselves to shed the habits and traits that have so restricted our enjoyment of daily life.  At this stage in our recovery we can make a resolve to open up and become more teachable; to embrace the opportunities and to move toward the development of a partnership with our Higher Power, as we understand it.  No longer do we need to run our life by ourselves or in secret.  This step does not direct us to take actions, it merely asks us to be receptive and willing to adopt a new approach to life.”

ACA Official Step 6 / Alanon Step 6

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character

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