Tony A. Version of Step 7 as found in his book, The Laundry List

We humbly asked our Higher Power to help us with our healing process

from page 59-60 of The Laundry List:

“This is a powerful step.  It requires both humility and participation. 

Humility involves becoming aware that we really are not masters of the universe, and that in all probability there is a divine order that we can tap into.   There are, however, three states of being that may get in our way.

First, we may believe that we were quite mature and sane, capable of adequately directing our own lives.  Second, we may suffer from a overinflated ego that keeps us from seeing what exactly we are doing to perpetuate our problems.  We are blind to any form of self-revelation or counsel by others.   Third, we have no real knowledge or understanding of the specific steps and actions we would have to take in order to begin the healing process.  We may be able to describe some of our problems and issues, but we don’t know how to plug into the process of recovery.  All of these can keep us from having humility.

This step also rests on a fundamental belief that we too can receive the gift of emotional well-being as so many others have through working the 12-Step recovery program.  It is doubtful that all of these people could have recovered without some active request for assistance from a spiritual force of their understanding.  Faith and willingness to seek out some kind of spiritual assistance has served many.  Belief in a Higher Power is a form of humility.  In seeking assistance, we move out of the driver’s seat.  This approach opens the way.

Prayer, meditation and a willingness to see and change our responses to people and situations are key recovery ingredients.  Eventually we come to see that part of the healing process requires us to be absolutely ready to change our behavior patterns.  We need not be alone in our effort–we can always call upon our Higher Power and the members of our group to provide support and guidance.  The healing path can be made easier; but we need to understand that while we need not tread the path alone, we do need to make a strong personal effort.

Like farmers, we never will be in complete control of the growing process.  We are asked only to do the planting and hoeing.  The harvest will come from our Higher Power with the aid of our neighbors and friends.”

ACA Official Step 7 / Alanon Step 7

Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings


One Response to “Step 07”

  1. Alan Buchanan Says:

    Humility, WOW! What a concept. To have come to the point of accepting and welcoming the idea, no fact, that “of myself I am nothing” is something I’d say came easily for me. However, this “factoid” remained obscure and distant for some time, not just in ACA recovery, but for a much longer period in my AA program!

    Today, this aspect of being able to live at peace with God, myself and others is something I cannot nor will not go without. There may be times when my “thinker” begins to once again believe the foolish idea that I can just get through a certain situation without the help of a power greater than myself. I may in fact be able to get through a certain “happenstance” by myself. However, the soundness of mind, serenity and such that comes to me when I’ve humbly asked God to remove those defects of character that cause me to remain egotistical is of such a degree I pray that I never again forget to ask for help.

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