Tony A. Version of Step 9 as found in his book, The Laundry List

We became willing to accept our own unconditional love by understanding that our Higher Power loves us unconditionally

from page 60 of The Laundry List:

“We became willing to give to ourself the unconditional love and acceptance we receive from our Higher Power.  By actively working these steps we have begun the process of building self-appreciation and self-love, and affirming ourselves as full of worth and value.  We are taking the important actions that will lead to well-being.  We choose to put into play new behavior, new responses, new attitudes that will lead directly to a richer, more serene way of living.  It is essential that we study these 12 paths to self-love.

As we learn to give love to ourselves, we also learn to give love to others, and to receive their love openly and easily.”

ACA Official Step 9 / Alanon Step 9

Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others

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